The huge collection of io games at Friv free games is refilled every day with the best choices for kids! Today, it's time for you to play the role of an industrious farmer in! It's the classic sample of an IO multiplayer game that is designed for ultimate relaxation with the combination of the 3D game art animation. The storyline is also very lovely and it takes the form of a farm truck arcade game as well.

You will be the sole owner of this property, and it's best if you can plan your strategy to grow, cultivate and harvest the crops and animals on this farm. Thanks to the amazing graphics of io games, you will be able to run around in the virtual space, roll the camera to take a look from different angles.

All of these are for you to grow fruitful crops and healthy animals. The tasks in this game vary depending on which stage you are at, so be flexible to conquer them all. From searching for seeds, buying plants from the stores to planting them and selling the products, you will be able to experience them all!

It's enjoyable at a slow pace, so there is no need to rush. Feel free to roam and take this chance to try out more lovely games such as Sniper 3D and and Ballio later at

Instruction to play:

Roll, drag and click the mouse to interact with the objects.