Troll Boxing

To be the top boxing champion, there are tons of opponents that you need to get by in this Friv kid game: Troll Boxing. More than just a fighting game that has intense fights and bold moves, this game is hilarious to enjoy during your free time thanks to the funny characters and their adorable movements. These trolls are fighting against each other, and the one that runs out of energy first shall be the loser. How many hits will it take for you to knock down the other?

Pay attention to the timing and dodge, defend on time to avoid getting hit. Once you enter the ring, either you get ready for an all-out fight or you will be the loser. To gain the upper hand in these kinds of fights, it's all about balancing yourself to make sure that you master the art of offense and defense.

Choose the correct timing as your enemy let his or her guard down so that you can throw the strongest punch ever! Once you reach higher levels and earn some scores, it's time to unlock new characters and put together your own team filled with the aggressive trolls.

Each new character brings some new features that you haven't tried out before, so feel free to take a new chance and make use of those strengths in the battles. Let's see how many rounds you can keep up with more fighting games like Pirate Riddle at

Instruction to play:

Use left and right arrows to punch and defend.