Ludo Legend

It's hard to roll the perfect dice that you want in Ludo Legend, but with a bit of luck and a good strategy, you will be able to handle this fun board game! This is a new gaming option from the collection of board games that are free on Friv 2019. This game, as a combination of a puzzle and a calculating game, will be a good choice to play with a team of friends. Your goal is to get your four pieces out on the board by getting a dice of six. Then, move them accordingly around the game board and into the center.

The larger the number on the dice is, the more steps that you can move. The best player will be the first one to reach the goal with all four pieces. However, the other three players will try to kick your pieces off the grid or go ahead of you. The rule is that if another player lands on the same spot as yours, your piece will automatically go back to the start.

If you happen to get a few pieces to go back at the starting line, don't panic! Get more sixes on the dices to bring your pieces out of the starting zone and continue the journey at! After conquering this one, you can check out plenty of board games such as Rack'em 8 Ball Pool and LUDO KING ONLINE

Instruction to play:

Click on the dice and pieces to move.