Pirate Riddle

A lively puzzle game with a special theme of pirates has just been added to Friv land! In Pirate Riddle, it's time for you to use your brain and save the captain from being thrown into the deep ocean. Challenge against the pirates by guessing his words correctly!

You will find that there are several blanks on the screen which indicates the number of letters in the words. Guess the word with that exact number of letters and pick out the letters one by one. There are two game modes in http://frivclassic.net/ so that the kids can freely pick their suitable one. Cross all the levels in the normal mode and challenge yourself with a wider range of vocabulary.

While the normal mode will be endless with countless riddles, n the arcade mode, you will hop from one category to another to spice up the game. Feel free to choose and play with the theme of fruits, vegetables, capitals, football or even animals! With a given theme like that, it's easier to guess correctly, however, you are not allowed to make too many mistakes.

This is a fun game to test out your ability to guess with given hints and even limited time. Let's practice brainstorming a little bit and learn tons of new words online for free! Come to our collection for more quizzes, puzzles and riddles in the games like Five Hoops and Vovan Running

Instruction to play:

Click on the letters to choose.