Adventure Of Olaf

If you are a big fan of friv adventure game, Adventure Of Olaf may be your best choice for you to relax in your free time. Do you know Olaf's Frozen Adventure film? This game will simulate the cartoon film in a lovely way. Your playing place changes continuously. In many levels, you are in a green field with 3 roads in parallel and another which intersect all 3 roads and sometimes, you are in an area covered by ice.

In the journey, Olaf team meets this area and your mission is to help them go through these roads safely. Many giant monsters named Marshmallow walk through one road with an aim of eliminating your characters in friv kids game. In each intersection of 2 routes, there is a door, take a look at your place, open the door when no enemy is going to come across for Olaf can pass over. Then, remember to close this door immediately. Don’t let Olaf touch the foe or you will die. Your opponents appear continuously and suddenly so that you have to pay high attention to avoid them.

Each level requires you to save a certain number of characters, for example, you will complete the level 1 with 10 members of Olaf and this number increases 5 members for each level. It means that the required number for level 2 is 15 and for level 3 is 20. You are allowed to restart the level when you die.

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Instruction to play:

Click your mouse to open and close the door.