Music Line Christmas

Enjoy the soft music and the aesthetic of the graphics in Music Line Christmas free game, the new gaming option for kids this Christmas season. You can enjoy the soothing background music while navigating a cube on the tough journey. The path shape will continuously change, so you have to make the cube change its direction in time to avoid going astray. If the cube goes off the path, it will fall and the turn is over.

The longer you can stay on it, the higher your score will be. This Friv game is all about endurance during a long time, quick hand movements to catch up with the change of path and the best observation to estimate the change. Lots of kids had fun with it and gave it a 5-star rating.

Will you take a chance to check it out at When the cube speeds up, don't panic. Keep your cool and continue to switch to the left and right. The game has unlimited space to move, therefore, it's a pleasure to freely dash left and right on your individual path.

You can compete with your dear family or friends to see who has the best scores! Feel free to replay as many times as you want since the game allows the players to access to unlimited turns. Other fast-paced games like Cube The Runners and Geometry Dash Classic might be your favorites as well, so check them out! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen to change the cube's direction.