Math Test Challenge

Your ability of quick calculating will be put to test in Math Test Challenge! This brand new Friv game brings another kind of lesson where kids can have fun with numbers. There is no need to be stressed over some hard homework. You can race against the time while solving the diversity of math questions. Since the main theme is mathematics, all you are going to do here is to solve the math questions. Are you ready to calculate fast?

There is a limited time range to make the game much more thrilled and exciting. The more questions you answered correctly, the higher score you will get at It's not just about the speed. Precision in answering is also very important because if you give the wrong answer, your time will be decreased.

When the time runs out, your turn ends. The scores that you gain at that moment will be kept to rank on the Leaderboard. Will you be able to break your own scores and the other players' records as well? Math is not easy, especially under pressure of the limited time. However, your skills and technique in quick calculating will be improved and trained after this fun game.

This can also be a great substitute for the boring lessons daily. Just log in and do some random quizzes on add, subtract, multiply and divide to get your brain some work. Tons of other choices from the same category are also available for free like Emoji Quiz and Frozen Math Quiz. Try them out! 

Instruction to play:

Play using the left mouse.