Stickman War

Are you ready to pick up the weapon and give the headshots to the running stickman? Stickman War is a fun puzzle game with a hint of action thanks to the shooting feature. As you are an assassin in this Friv free game, you need to complete the mission by taking down all stickmen. Yet, the stickman is running around without any order or organization, which makes it harder to shoot. But you can do it with your gun in your hand to shoot all the stickman.

The goal is to stop them from invading your territory by all means. If even one stickman makes it to the other side of the game screen, the game is over. It's worth reminding that you have to pay attention to the number of bullets that you have for each level. For some hard part, you can only have one bullet per stickman so you need to make the most precise headshots.

It's fun and easy to grasp the basic rule, yet we guarantee you and your friends will have immense fun with the game at Don't forget if you don't reload, you will not be able to keep shooting. The stars of each level are decided based on your precision and the number of stickman down. Replay as many times as possible if you fail to conquer a certain level, but in order to move to the next one, you have to finish the previous ones first. Come for more same games like Wheelie Challenge 2 and Bullet Fire 2.

Instruction to play:

Drag the mouse to choose the direction and click to shoot.