Car Vs Cops

The new gaming selection for the boys and girls who love dashing through a race is here! Join the funny chasing game from Friv land called Car VS Cops to laugh with the hilarious characters. Moreover, you will get to practice the special skill of drifting and avoiding the obstacles. The game comes with a simulation feature, which creates more chances for the players to explore a huge map and interact with others.

As you are controlling your yellow car, your surrounding will be full of the cops cars. Their goal is to take you down, therefore, they will appear randomly to chase you all the time. Since the cops are not very smart, you could take advantage of the obstacles on the road to induce them to crash into each other. Or trap them into driving off the road or going astray.

Choose your proper strategy to make the most cars crashing and exploding! Only by doing so will you be able to escape in the shortest and fastest path, so do your best. Here at friv Games for kids , the players will get to emerge in the 2D graphics with a variety of car models, along with the changing road shape. Prepare yourself to adapt to these variables and be the best drivers in this cool car game!

The car will move automatically, so all you have to do is to drift and move from side to side. Let's claim the victory by racing in more games like Parking Space  and Parking Fury 3 !

Instruction to play:

Swipe or click on the screen to move the car.