Tactical Weapon Pack

A new fascinating game for the gun lovers has just been added to Friv free games 2018! Have you tried Tactical Weapon Pack free game? It goes with an usual gameplay of shooting down the enemies and win the shooting battles, but there is a new twist. The game has a long list of different weapons of different models and types. It's the variety of weapons that make the game unique among the action games.

You can choose randomly from the sniper gun, handgun, riffle, canon, bazooka and many more. The more score you have, the better weapon you can acquire from the store at http://frivclassic.net/ The aim of the game is to shoot down a myriad of moving targets with your chosen weapons. You need to use your gun to attack enemies from a suitable distance and the game will record your accuracy rate.

Players can choose from 1 to 4 fast-paced challenging game modes such as Shooter, Timer and so on. You should think of the best strategy to play in each mode to guarantee the victory. Also, it's crucial that you defeat the target before it disappears. The game has smooth transitions from one scene to another which will optimize the players' experience and enhance the visual as well. Show off the shooting skills with more games like Weapon and Saloon Shootout.

Instruction to play:

Shoot and navigate with the left mouse, R to reload, Q to switch weapons, F to use the barrel attachment.