Stickman Wars

If you are confident with your shooting skills, Stickman War will be an amazing chance to perform and demonstrate your techniques at both aiming and shooting. You will play the role of an assassin with the mission to kill all the stickman with your bullets in this Friv free game. The stickmen will be coming from both sides on the screen at a different pace. This requires the shooters to choose a perfect spot to shoot and the perfect timing to pull the trigger.

The game comes with a realistic layout and graphics, which includes the effect of the gun pulling back when taking a shot. This effect creates more fun experience for the person controlling the guns. When you first start playing, the stickmen come in at a slow pace. It's easier to aim and shoot during this phase.

However, as you progress further, prepare to work as fast as you can due to the fast movements of the stickman. Can you guarantee that there is no any stickman could escape in this battle at friv at school? A tip for the beginners is that the best way to take the perfect shots is to estimate the speed and aim a few centimeters ahead of the running stickman. If you can't create a headshot, just simply defeat the enemies by shooting at another part of the body.

The optimum way is to use one bullet per stickman to optimize your performance. Your shooting skills can improve after trying out more games like Sniper Clash 3D and Cs 1.6 - Online as well!

Instruction to play:

Aim using the left mouse, click to shoot.