Rob Runner

There are so many precious diamonds in the space station at Friv land and it's the only chance for Rob to collect them! Because he has no money, he needs your help as he wants to steal some diamonds in the space station. Complete the mission of breaking in, overcoming the deadly spikes and bringing back home all the valuable diamonds!

The players will take control of his movement. This game has a side-scrolling feature which means that the screen will keep on moving to the right. Only by keeping up with the screen can Rob continue the game. If you click the mouse constantly and keep it like that, Rob will jump higher and stay there. More and more diamonds will show up if you manage to move further.

However, many traps on his road will be deadly as well. Pay attention closely and choose the right diamonds to gather. If they are too close to the deadly spikes, our recommendation is that you should let them go. You need to calculate the perfect timing and estimate the length of the jump correctly to avoid those obstacles.

If Rob falls down the spikes, he will lose his blood. His energy is limited in this adventure game at If you fail to guide him for too many times, his blood will run out and the game is over. Since it's an endless game, the only thing you can do is to try and reach the furthest checkpoint possible! Other fun games which have the same idea are Time Jump and Clash of Cakes. Check them out! 

Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen or click the left mouse to play.