Bus Master Parking 3D

Bus Master Parking 3D is the car driving game which you can play on friv wonderful games for free. You are a school bus driver and after taking students to school, you have to park your bus at the right place. The game requires you to master your driving skills to park a school bus in the defined parking spot.

You start from your position. Follow the green arrows on the ground and park your bus on the green destination. There are many other cars around you, you must avoid crashing them because if you touch anything, you will minus your points. You must navigate around a course full of obstacles carefully. Besides, if you don’t want to fail the test, make sure that you do not come into contact with anything in friv driving games.

This 3D bus parking game features many levels with the increasing difficulty for you to practice your skills. You must drive to the parking space carefully, dodge the obstacles and park the bus within the lines accurately to complete a level. Besides, the required time is 2 minutes. If you don’t finish your duty as the time is up, you lose the game immediately. However, to achieve the best score you will have to do this as quickly as possible as you are up against the clock. Try your best to gain 3 stars in each level. There is an added challenge, it is that you are sometimes asked to wash the bus before parking.

When you earn enough scores, you can purchase new cars.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, C to change camera, Spacebar to use handbrake, and P to pause.